you could go like this? – potresti andare così? – ai putea să mergi aşa?


valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

pantofi-toc-cui_382869bb9475eathe longing it is as if we will be forced of wear high-heeled shoes in the toes and
at least three sizes too small – could you walk like that?
a point of light is trying
to unbutton my shadow from the body
from this point, I see holograms of the past exercises of love
and there is no position to stand in nostalgia, as are the soldiers in honor or
stand at ease
I am forced to go at this point, with the heart barefoot, without longings
because beyond inhabits definitively … the great love



la nostalgia … è come se saremo costretti
d’indossare scarpe col tacco alto nelle dita dei piedi e
almeno tre taglie troppo piccole – potresti andare così?
un punto di luce sta cercando
a sbottonare la mia ombra dal corpo
da questo punto, vedo ologrammi degli esercizi passati…

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